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Kim Lett

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Healthy Lifestyle
Heart Health
Weight Loss and Weight Management
17 years of experience
Solution oriented

Kim Lett is an experienced dietitian who understands that lifestyle change, especially dietary change, can be both difficult and overwhelming. Knowing this, she takes a realistic and personal approach to helping each client. Kim first seeks to understand her clients’ food preferences, medical conditions that need to be considered, and their concerns and challenges. From there, she works with her client to develop a meal plan and a step-by-step implementation approach. Her clients have appreciated having one or two goals to begin with rather than making a complete diet overhaul. She has found that this stepwise approach builds her clients’ confidence and helps strengthen their motivation to continue their journey for lifestyle change. Kim considers it a privilege to help others improve the quality of their lives and would be honored to work with you.

Healthy: Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon, Treat: Derby Pie.

Specializes in

Healthy Lifestyle
Heart Health
Weight Loss and Weight Management
Acid Reflux
GLP 1 Counseling
High Blood Pressure
Nutrition Counseling
Prediabetes and Diabetes
Weight Management

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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