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Missy Miller
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Missy Miller


We are a practice with a Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach practicing in the field of metabolic repair, body composition change and exercise prescription. •Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Prescription•Assessments including review of: labwork, hormones, gut health, medical history, eating behaviors•Metabolic Repair •Body Composition •Healing Relationships with Food•Supplementation•Holistic Health Modalities•Lifestyle and Spiritual HealthMiller BUILT & Co has been built on years of experience in nutrition, exercise, strength & the sports arena. Clark and Missy both come from competitive athletic backgrounds. They met at Baylor University when Missy was studying Nutrition Science, and Clark was going through his Master’s program as a graduate assistant in Strength & Conditioning where he was training collegiate athletes. He had transferred to Baylor after completing his undergraduate degree at Abilene Christian University, where he played football throughout his four years there. He went on to further his love of competition and sports, to obtain his black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and opened a gym where he taught adults and kids for several years. During that time, he took on the role of youth sports commissioner in their home town as he saw the need and desired to have a solid program for the youth to grow in their skill and strength for various sports.Missy has gone on to further her desire for strength, physically, mentally & spiritually and is now competing in women’s bodybuilding competitions, while sharing every piece of her journey to help inspire others to reach for big goals and foster big dreams, that take great dedication, but are well worth it in the end. Throughout her journey through motherhood, she has honored her desire to incorporate whole-food nutrition as well as exercise in every stage-from pregnancy through the birth of their five children, while schooling many littles at home, through the comings and goings of the crazy, busy life of a sports mom, while volunteering in various roles, and through working from home in many capacities. Nutrition and exercise have ALWAYS been one of the top priorities in their home.Clark & Missy’s children all have their own love and desire to live in the best health, understanding how to fuel their bodies, how to work hard and how to appreciate the success that can come from the effort put in. They each have their own unique role within Miller BUILT & Co. Everything they are taught, they help to teach others. Clark & Missy use each of their experiences to help you further your own journey to living your best!Along with raising their children to have a deep interest in caring for their own personal health, Clark & Missy have a great desire to help married couples use fitness, nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle principles to deepen their connection with each other. They have vast experience in the ups and downs of marriage, and have seen what it is like to both have a desire to care for their own health, which then translates in to the health of their marriage. Strong marriages need a strong desire to live in the best possible health in order to enjoy life and each other to the fullest. They are here to share the intricacies of their journey with you as well and are open to chat and speak about all of their experiences. Their goal here at Miller BUILT & Co. is to build STRONG bodies, STRONG families, and STRONG faith! Let’s partner together and build a community that is committed to becoming BUILT!

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